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Skip the store-bought dips, condiments and sauces and make your own with our delicious recipes below. When you make your own, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of different flavors that you won’t find at the supermarket. From barbecue sauce to guacamole, you’ll find some of your store-bought favorites below.
Looking to dress up crackers, veggies or chips? Try one of our dip recipes. From Baked Potato Dip and Corn Bacon Dip to Garlicky Herb Dip and Southwest Layered Dip and more, our crowd-pleasing dip recipes will not disappoint. You’ll also want to try our homemade guacamole and hummus recipes.
What about two of the most popular store-bought staples - ketchup and BBQ sauce? Our Slow Cooker Awesome Ketchup and Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce recipes deliver much more flavor than anything you’ll find at the supermarket and are incredibly easy to make!
Compound butter is great for slathering on meat, seafood and corn on the cob. We have a great variety of delicious compound butter recipes, such as pesto, hibiscus ginger, jalapeno lime, raspberry lavender and more, so you have plenty of flavors to experiment with. If you’ve never made compound butter before (and even if you have!), you’ll want to give our recipes a try.
After trying these homemade dips, condiments and sauces, we’re pretty sure you won’t be buying them at the store any time soon!