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Try New Flavors at our Tea Bar

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April 10, 2024 at 5:25:00 PM PDT April 10, 2024 at 5:25:00 PM PDTth, April 10, 2024 at 5:25:00 PM PDT

You probably go to bars all the time – coffee bars are great for a quick pick-me up or to work remotely, a juice bar is great for a sweet smoothie, or maybe you prefer sports bars, or wine bars. Have you ever been to a Tea Bar? Whether you need a pick-me-up, a calm-me-down, or just a big-flavor calorie-free alternative to water, you should add the tea bar at The Spice & Tea Exchange® to your list of favorite bars.

What makes our tea bar special? For starters, there is soooo much more to tea than tearing open a bag and adding water. We make every cup tea from fresh, high-quality, loose-leaf teas which release more flavor. Hot or iced, Black, Green, White, or herbal, it will be the best tasting tea you’ve ever had. And, if you like an add-on of simple syrup (we recommend trying our hibiscus simple syrup with Mango Tango Tea), we make ours in-house from the same ingredients you’ll find in our store.

Love Trying New Flavors?

At a coffee bar, your choices are often dark, medium, or light roast. Many of our stores carry more than 80 different loose-leaf tea blends and the experts at our tea bar will help guide you to your perfect cup. 

We love trying, and sharing, new flavors, so at The Spice & Tea Exchange, our tea bars let you choose from any tea in the store. Open any jar, breathe in the fresh, complex aromas, and we’ll make you a cup of your favorite right in front of you. Watch as the loose-leaf tea unfurls and magically turns hot water into the best tasting part of your day in just minutes.

Better yet, you’ll see how easy it is to make a great tasting cup of tea and rather than go to the grocery store to buy a box of bags, you can take your favorites home with you. White Tropical tea, Marrakesh Mint green tea, Apricot Ginger black tea, Crème Brulee green tea, Strawberry Meadows white tea, and Blood-Orange Smoothie herbal tea are just a few favorites.

Kids love our herbal teas too, particularly when we add a squeeze of lemon into a cup of Blue Raspberry Crush and it changes color!

“We always ask each guest what flavors they gravitate towards in other drinks (fruity, earthy, sweet, etc.) and how much caffeine they’re looking for at that time. From there, our expert tea baristas who know our fine teas inside and out can make a recommendation for the guest’s personal first-time tea! There is no one size fits all for tea, each guest is individual and so are their tea orders!”

-Brian Himert @ The Spice & Tea Exchange of John’s Pass 

Like to Relax?

One of the things we love most about tea is that it gives you a moment to unwind – we like to think of it as a 15-minute vacation, and when you stop by the tea bar, we do the work for you. So, whether you take your tea to go, enjoy it in the store, or just find a bench to sit on, give yourself a moment to breathe in the aromas and exhale your stresses.

Love Wellness and Tea with Benefits?

Tea has many benefits, the most common are its relaxation and mood altering effects and it is rich in polyphenols and catechins (naturally occurring compounds known for antioxidant activity and lowering inflammation).

In addition, many of our teas feature ingredients like ginger, turmeric, dandelion root, green tea, berries, peppermint, and adaptogenic herbs that offer other wellness benefits. Try Ginger Turmeric or Mint Basil for soothing the stomach, Craving Crusher for cravings, or a cup of Beauty Rest before turning in to catch some zzz's.

Teas Served

Our stores feature something for everyone including experts trained to match you to a tea you will love. Or if you’re already familiar with tea, choose from classics: rooibos teas, yerba mate teas, herbal teas, decaf teas, black teas, white teas, green teas, oolong teas, and matcha.

Choose any tea or your favorite sweetener to make your own brew!

Our tea bars also accommodate special requests/orders. This allows tea lovers to get creative in ways—by mixing and matching their favorite teas together to come up with their own unique brew.

Get local! Many locations also have fun custom offerings – such as The Spice & Tea Exchange of Scottsdale and their special green and black Prickly Pear Teas – often sampled at the tea bar with a custom prickly pear syrup.

Stop By Today

Many The Spice & Tea Exchange locations across the country have a tea bar. Visit spiceandtea.com and filter by tea bar to find a location near you! No tea bar near you? Yours could be next! Learn more about starting a The Spice & Tea Exchange franchise.

Make the Most Out of Your Tea Bar Experience

Here are some tips for enjoying your visit:

·       Open the jars of tea and smell each before deciding which one you’d like to have brewed.

·       Pay attention to caffeine content. Herbal teas offer a great naturally caffeine free option for later in the day.

·       Take the opportunity to experiment with different flavors! Try something out of your comfort zone or add in an infused sugar to enhance your flavor experience.

·       Learn! Watch our tea bar baristas show you the easiest and best ways to steep tea.

We believe that the art of steeping and drinking tea is an experience. Tea has its own unique flavor profiles and health benefits, and the experience is completely different for every single person. We can’t wait for you to stop by and experience the colors and flavors!

“It's great watching their eyes light up when they see fun tricks like Blue Raspberry Crush or ROYGBIV change colors with the lemonade. As one teammate said, tea is like a mood, kind of a time & place. Earl Grey Creme if she's feeling fancy, Mango Tango for a summer refresher, or Creme Brulee for a sweet treat.”-Lisa Pokony @ The Spice & Tea Exchange of Scottsdale


Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to our franchise owners at The Spice & Tea Exchange of Scottsdale, Tarpon Springs,Williamsburg/Richmond, John’s Pass, and Mount Dora/Sedona/Branson/Fishermen’s Village for sharing all their tea bar tips and crowd-favorite teas!