Green Tea’s World of Wellness

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Green Tea’s World of Wellness
Enjoyed all over the world, green tea is highly regarded for its distinct varieties, creative blends, and its positive effect on our health and wellness. First, what is green tea? The least oxidized of the six tea categories, green teas are crafted with the application of heat. This heat, called firing, neutralizes the enzymes that cause tea leaves to change color from green to yellow, to red to brown. As a result of firing, the tea’s green color is secured or fixed, hence, “green tea.” The benefits of green tea and its connection to wellness have been observed across cultures for centuries. While many consumers seek out green tea for its mood- and energy-boosting properties, this tea category offers many other promising health benefits. Green tea’s chemical compounds help reduce inflammation, boost metabolic rate to help burn fat, and supports cognitive, cardiovascular and oral health. The chemical make-up of the tea plant is a complex combination of caffeine, L-theanine, polyphenols, and catechins, among others. Each of these compounds have a specific function in contributing to wellness. L-theanine, a unique amino acid found mainly in the tea plant, increases the production of alpha brain waves, and when combined with caffeine, may improve brain function. The caffeine in tea is processed by the body more slowly (than that in coffee), allowing a more steady, focused form of energy, which can be beneficial when concentration is required. In addition, green tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins – naturally occurring compounds known for lowering inflammation as well as antioxidant activity that may help prevent cell damage and fight the formation of free radicals in the body. Eat Your Tea! Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea with a magnified role in tea and wellness. Ma-cha translates to “ground tea” and is distinguished from all other tea by how it is made and consumed.  Matcha is produced by stone-milling shade-grown tea leaves into a fine powder. When we drink matcha, we consume the fresh green tea leaf itself – whereas all other teas are enjoyed as an infusion. As a result, all the chemical components we consume when drinking brewed green tea are amplified in matcha – from antioxidants to amino acids to caffeine.   Enjoy The Spice & Tea Exchange® Green Teas and Blends Green tea comes in countless styles and flavor profiles, depending on where it's from, how the leaves are processed, and what other teas or botanicals with which it may be blended. Check out some of our signature green teas and blends to give your wellness routine a boost. Your first defense in conquering midmorning slumps starts with G'Day Lemon Maté, a lively tea featuring both Japanese matcha and Argentinian yerba mate, both known for their abilities to boost energy and focus naturally. Antioxidant-rich green tea supports fat-burning while lemongrass adds a fresh, citrusy finish for a balanced blend of energy and flavor so you can recharge and keep going. This blend is exclusive to our 7-Day Organic Tea Cleanse. Considered the Espresso of Tea, the ways Matcha can be prepared and enjoyed continue to grow along with its soaring popularity. Classic barista drinks, smoothies, baking, or simply shaken in a bottle of water or lemonade – there are countless ways to incorporate this special tea and all its rich benefits into your routine. However you choose to enjoy it, we hope you'll share your favorite green tea moments with us on Instagram (@spiceandtea).
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