Yerba Mate Teas

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  1. Lemon Drop Mate Tea
    Lemon Drop Mate Tea
    As low as $7.19
  2. Spiced Chai Mate
    Spiced Chai Mate
    As low as $7.19
  3. Nutty Chocolate Mate
    Nutty Chocolate Mate
    As low as $7.19

Have you ventured into learning about the benefits of Yerba Mate Teas? Did you know that Yerba Mate Teas are the only herbal tea that contains caffeine? We carry a fun & delicious array of loose-leaf yerba mate flavors and infusions; or you can enjoy its already amazing earthy flavor in its purest form in our (green yerba mate) Organic Yerba Mate Tea. Selections include: a chai mate (Spiced Chai Mate), a yerba mate green tea mix/ lemon mate (Lemon Drop Mate Tea), a chocolate mate (Nutty Chocolate Mate), and more!