Green Teas

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  1. Green Tropical Tea
    Green Tropical Tea
    As low as $7.19
  2. Marrakesh Mint Tea
    Marrakesh Mint Tea
    As low as $7.19
  3. Blueberry Fields Green Tea
    Blueberry Fields Green Tea
    As low as $7.19
  4. Creme Brulee Tea
    Creme Brulee Tea
    As low as $6.49
  5. Organic Jade Cloud Green Tea
    Organic Jade Cloud Green Tea
    As low as $7.19
  6. jasmine-pearls-tea-1
    Jasmine Pearls Tea
    As low as $9.99
  7. Mystic Dragon Tea
    Mystic Dragon Tea
    As low as $6.49
  8. Pomegranate Green Tea
    Pomegranate Green Tea
    As low as $7.19
  9. Organic Sencha Superior Tea
    Organic Sencha Superior Tea
    As low as $9.99
  10. Sinfully Cherry Tea
    Sinfully Cherry Tea
    As low as $6.49
  11. Strawberry Meadows Green Tea
    Strawberry Meadows Green Tea
    As low as $7.19
  12. Superberry Trifecta Green Tea
    Superberry Trifecta Green Tea
    As low as $7.19
The Spice & Tea Exchange® Green Teas are processed less than black teas as they are not oxidized. They are plucked, withered, and rolled and it is during the rolling process that heat is applied, either by steaming or pan-firing, to prevent the usual oxidation. A final rolling and firing completes the process. Infused green teas range from yellow to green in color. Our flavor profiles: grassy and light to silky and smooth. Choose from an exclusive selection of gourmet infused green teas with organic green tea and bulk green tea options available. You're sure to find something you'll love!