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This tea incorporates the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) with vibrant fruits and botanicals. Packed with fruity tropical punch flavor, this tea is magical both hot and iced!
This vibrant combination of organic green tea, fruits, and botanicals represents the spectrum colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV). The gentle tannic structure of green tea provides balance to the citrus, berry, and floral notes, along with a mild amount of caffeine. Do yourself a favor and brew this blend in a glass mug to watch the colors emerge when hibiscus and butterfly pea flowers infuse. It’s a harmonious blend of tart fruit, floral, and tropical punch flavor that is magical both hot and iced.

Low Caffeine


Apple, hibiscus, green tea, chamomile blossom, orange peel, butterfly pea flower, strawberry, rose petal, lemongrass (all organic); natural jasmine flavor, natural tropical punch flavor.

USA, Japan
Steeping Instructions
8 oz | 200° | 1 Tbsp | 6 mins
Bright botanical flavor, tart fruit and a touch of the tropics.
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