• Finding Careers after Restaurant Management--Lower Risk and Higher Reward

Finding Careers after Restaurant Management--Lower Risk and Higher Reward

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May 17, 2024 at 11:03:46 AM PDT May 17, 2024 at 11:03:46 AM PDTth, May 17, 2024 at 11:03:46 AM PDT

It’s no secret that working in the restaurant industry can be draining. Burnout and stress are causing frontline workers to leave the industry, while leaders of the organization are also looking to pursue careers after restaurant management. 

At The Spice & Tea Exchange, we understand the draw to the food service industry, but we also understand it can be a lot. Here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking for careers after restaurant management, and maybe one you didn’t expect – joining The Spice & Tea Exchange as a franchise owner!

5 Food Business Ideas

Here are five ideas of jobs for former restaurant owners or managers that are still part of the food industry:

1. Food Distributor

You know the value of a great food distributor from running a restaurant, so working for one might be a natural step for your post-restaurant career. Meeting with restaurant owners, introducing products, assisting with menu ideas – this is a role that mirrors running the restaurant but without all the headaches.

2. Sales & Account Management

If you always enjoyed the marketing end of the food industry, you might find it enjoyable to work for a food industry retailer. Managing accounts and making sales is a critical role in helping a company grow. You still build relationships within the food industry and you are part of a team, but you don’t have to manage the team.

3. Butchering

Consider a new trade by training to become a butcher – the person preparing the meat for butcher shops or supermarkets. This job can be a great combination of solo work and customer-facing work, but this time no one is complaining about their meals – because they’re the cook.

4. Event Planner

If you think you’d miss the people part of running a restaurant, you could make the move into event planning. Put your organizational acumen to good use by planning the whole event, not just the food. You’ll have a great insight into how to serve guests and creative twists you can put on food service, and your experience pricing dishes will come in handy.

5. Teaching

If you truly love the restaurant industry, you could find a role teaching others how to operate within it. Often, local colleges offer programs on food and beverage operations or hospitality management, and they might love to have someone of your expertise join their staff.

Better Yet, Start a New Business!

If you’re keen on looking at careers after restaurant management, consider starting a new business.

If you’re a restaurant owner who wants to keep the freedom that business ownership provides, consider The Spice & Tea Exchange, which can give you a whole new experience in an area you have passion for - food and beverage experience.

As someone who comes from the restaurant or food and beverage industry, you are truly our ideal franchisee candidate.

The Spice & Tea Exchange: A Multi-Faceted Business

One aspect that is striking about The Spice & Tea Exchange is that it offers more than people initially expect as a business opportunity. Our locations carry spices, herbs, teas, spice blends, rubs, olive oils, and related products, including gourmet gifts and recipe kits. We offer a full-service tea bar plus retail products that include kitchen accessories, soy candles, sea salts, infused sugars and 225 premium spice blends and herbs, along with 45 exclusive loose-leaf teas.

In addition to this unique store, you can also offer private culinary events and tastings where you can educate attendees on all of the wonderful flavors we offer in our store, and how best to use them. The Spice & Tea Exchange deals directly with more than 75 vendors, which gives us a unique insight on flavors and trends to share with guests.

Put your food and service skills to work in a relaxed atmosphere with a truly unique store that people will love to patronize. How do we know that? We have 70% gross margins in this franchise. Enjoy the flexibility of an independent business with the backing of a strong brand.

Reach Out to The Spice & Tea Exchange

As you contemplate your next steps, take a look at what The Spice & Tea Exchange has to offer. It will give you an idea of the benefits of business ownership while staying connected to an industry that brings people together.

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