• Banana Nut Muffin Herbal Tea

Banana Nut Muffin Herbal Tea


honeybush, apple, cocoa nib, cinnamon, natural flavor (banana and chestnut), marigold.

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01/19/2024 7:01 pm


I love this! Such a great flavor.


02/15/2024 6:51 pm

My tea is almost gone!

Just bought this blend a few days ago and it's already almost devoured. Perfection in a glass of tea! With or without sweeteners, it's like an aromatic and tasty comfort. A must have for my kitchen


02/18/2024 10:30 pm

My favorite tea from here!

This tea is AMAZING. It tastes just like banana nut bread.


02/24/2024 12:20 am

Banana bread in a cup

This tea is delicious! Just the smell alone is like biting into freshly baked banana nut bread. I got the sampler bag to try it and had to buy more, I went through it so quickly!

Yena Rose

02/26/2024 3:52 am

Tastes like banana bread

I love this tea so much, it's such a delicious, dessert sort of tea. Reminds me of banana bread, but with a little twist. I definitely should've bought more than the small baggie, and will be next time I come in. Please, never get rid of this flavor, I'm on my knees.. best banana tea I've ever had


02/28/2024 6:19 pm

Try everything!!!!

My phone won't make it a "5" star! Tastes exactly like banana nut muffin. Plus caffeine free!!! LOV this place.


04/11/2024 12:00 pm

Absolutely Delicious!

Y'all! I was a little nervous about this but it tastes SO GOOD! Just like homemade banana bread fresh from the oven. I am a huge fan and this will now be added to my regular list of teas I buy from this amazing company. Highly recommend!


06/14/2024 8:32 am

Awesome tea :)

This tea is awesome. My husband loves it but only if I make it. he used to tell me he wasn't a tea guy and wouldn't try it but this one he drank and acks me to make it for him :)