White Pretzel Turtles

White Pretzel Turtles
White Pretzel Turtles

Indulge in decadent white chocolate pretzel treats, dusted with Salted Caramel Sugar, with a surprise of peanut butter in the middle! This recipe is easy for gifting or adding to your holiday dessert table.

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
60 grinds Baker’s Secret Spice Blend
1½ TBS Salted Caramel Sugar

From the Grocer
10 oz white chocolate wafers (not white chocolate chips)
48 mini pretzels (whole pieces, discard broken ones)
2/3 cup crunchy peanut butter
Parchment paper for drying 


PREPARE a 9x13 pan lined with parchment paper. Set aside.
MELT white chocolate wafers slowly in a double boiler over low heat, about 10-15 mins.
PLACE 1 tsp of peanut butter on one pretzel and top with another pretzel.
ADD Baker’s Secret Spice Blend to the melted chocolate.
DIP the pretzel combos into the melted chocolate with tongs. Let the excess drip off, but move quickly so that the peanut butter does not melt. Place the chocolate covered pretzels on parchment paper in prepared plan.
SPRINKLE them with Salted Caramel Sugar while the chocolate is still warm.
CHILL for 30 mins. Share and enjoy! 
*When melting the white chocolate wafers, be careful not to boil the water or to allow steam to touch the white chocolate. If the chocolate becomes stiff, add 1 tsp of oil to obtain a smoother consistency.

Yield: 24 turtles
Total Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Prep: 55 mins
Cook: 15 mins