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The sprout pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world. It’s perfect for making your own garden as the eraser has been replaced with a seed capsule. Pencils are made of natural materials (sustainable cedar wood and a clay & graphite core) and are available with one of five types of high-quality non-GMO seeds: basil, cilantro, mint, sage, or thyme.

Usage Instructions:
Plant after use. When pencil is too short for writing, press the green end into the soil, covering only the capsule. Water immediately to activate the seed capsule and continue to water daily; enough to keep the soil moist. Plants typically take about 1-3 weeks to germinate.

Additional Tips:
  • Use a good soil (starter mix) or coco coir as growth substrate.
  • When selecting a flower pot, make sure to choose one with drainage holes.
  • Plant the pencil crooked (allows the plant to grow straight up) and make sure it is only in the soil deep enough to cover the capsule.
  • Eventually, place a clear plastic bag with the corners cut off, over the flower pot to increase humidity and ease germination (remove it when the seeds have germinated).
  • Water daily by filling the saucer up with water and waiting 10 mins. Add more water if it’s all soaked up. Repeat until soil is saturated then discard remaining water.
  • Allow seeds to receive a little sunshine at a time. Once growth is showing, the plant should be placed somewhere sunny.
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    SO COOL!
    These pencils are Awesome! You can have a whole garden just by recycling your pencil! Review by Patty-T / (Posted on 9/13/2016)


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