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Tropical Glazed Carrots

Tropical Glazed Carrots
Tropical Glazed Carrots

Warm spices, the refreshing taste of mango, a spicy kick of habanero, and pineapple chunks make these Tropical Glazed Carrots spicy, but light. This exotic side is a great side dish for your favorite spring or summer entrée.

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
3½ TBS Mango Habanero Sugar
½ tsp Chinese 5-Spice Seasoning 

From the Grocer
Pinch of kosher salt
¾ lb carrots, peeled and cut into quarters lengthwise with equal lengths
½ cup fresh pineapple, cut into rough chunks
1 TBS lemon juice
3 TBS unsalted butter
1 TBS fresh shallot, finely chopped
2 TBS fresh parsley, chopped fine


BOIL water in a medium size pot. Stir in a pinch of salt.
PREPARE ice water bath by placing a colander or large mesh strainer into a large bowl of ice water. 
ADD carrots to the pot of boiling water and blanch* for 1 min.
POUR blanched carrots into a strainer and then dunk in ice water bath for 1 min to stop further cooking.
COMBINE pineapple, Mango Habanero Sugar and lemon juice, in a small food processor or blender and puree. Set mixture aside.
MELT butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add shallots and sauté 2 mins. Add Chinese 5-Spice Seasoning, let flavor blossom, 30 secs.
TRANSFER pureed pineapple mixture into skillet, bring to a simmer and cook 4-6 mins, stirring occasionally, until mixture has reduced by ¼ and slightly thickened. Turn heat to low.
PLACE blanched carrots in skillet, gently fold them into mixture. Allow carrots 2-3 mins to heat thru, producing a luxurious glazed exterior. Serve with a sprinkling of fresh parsley. 
*Blanch = placing a raw vegetable in boiling water for up to 1 min. This sets the color and texture of the vegetable. 

Yield: 4 servings
Total Time: 20 mins
Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins