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  1. Spiced Chai Mate
    Spiced Chai Mate
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With everything from chai black teas to chai tea blends, to caffeine free chai teas and chai herbal teas, we have everything a chai tea lover needs. Shop the wide selection or pick a chai gift set/sampler as a gift or to try them all! Favorites include a chai mate, a Victorian chai, a rooibos chai, a chocolate chai, a mint chai, and much, much more!

New to chai tea? Traditional chai typically consists of a black tea base, with additional spices for steeping such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. The blend is typically strong in flavor and makes a great comforting hot tea, as well as a fun iced tea. Additionally, it can be used with milk, sugar, and more to make a chai tea latte base.