Super Greens Seed Lollipop

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Seed Pops (in 4 mixed assortments) are simple -- just unwrap, plant in the ground or a container, and grow! Includes seeds in a clay disc, compost, coconut husk, and instructions. This super greens version contains: organic wheatgrass, spinach, kale mixed seeds.

Enjoy this playful take on a seed packet! Seed Pops are designed to be planted into the ground or a container. Just unwrap, plant and grow! Includes organic seeds embedded in a clay disc. Once planted, the wooden stick serves as a plant marker. Each Seed Pop variety includes a curated selection of organic seeds, compost, clay, coconut husk and planting instructions.

Available in 4 mixed seed assortments. This SUPER GREENS version contains Organic Wheatgrass, Spinach, and Kale mixed seeds.

A wellness lover’s ingredient mix, perfect for salads, smoothies, and juicing. Amplify the benefits by adding Matcha to your smoothie or juice and feel the power of green.

*NOTE: Seed lollipops are not edible.

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