Sugar Sticks

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Sugar Sticks
Perfect for sweetening your favorite TSTE®Â® tea. Sold as single sticks._x000D_
Perfect for sweetening your favorite loose-leaf tea. Sold as single sticks.
Blue Raspberry (cane sugar, blue 1, artificial flavor, yellow 5) Green Lime (cane sugar, yellow 5, blue 1, natural flavor) Orange (cane sugar, yellow 6, natural and artificial flavors, yellow 5) Yellow Lemon (cane sugar, yellow 5, natural flavor) Purple Grape (cane sugar, red 3, blue 1, artificial flavor) Lgt Blue Cotton Candy (cane sugar, titanium dioxide, artificial flavor, blue 1) Red Strawberry (cane sugar, natural and artificial flavors, red 3, red 40, yellow 6)
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