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Strawberry Jasmine Spritzer

Strawberry Jasmine Spritzer
Strawberry Jasmine Spritzer

The perfect balance of fruit and flowers. This delicate spritzer begins with an aromatic jasmine infusion, is entwined with a hint of sweet strawberries, and is perfected with a touch of carbonation.

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From TSTE®
4 heaping tsp TSTE® Jasmine Pearls Tea
2 tsp TSTE® Honey - Granulated

From the Grocer
16 oz filtered water
1 cup sliced strawberries
16 oz sparkling water


HEAT filtered water to 195°F. Steep TSTE® Jasmine Pearls Tea for 3 mins. Strain. Stir TSTE® Honey - Granulated into hot tea until dissolved. Refrigerate until cold.
MIX brewed tea and strawberries.
ADD sparkling water. Serve cold.

Serving Suggestion:
POUR drink into four champagne flutes.

Yield: 4 drinks
Total Time: 8 mins
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 3 mins