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Red, White, & Cool Ice Cream Cake

Red, White, & Cool Ice Cream Cake
Red, White, & Cool Ice Cream Cake

Chill out with this ice cream cake layered with sweet flavor! With infused ice cream, red velvet cake, and dreamy vanilla cream cheese frosting, this cake will be the center of attention at your next holiday gathering!

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
6 TBS Raspberry Sugar
Baker’s Secret Spice Blend (about 60 grinds)
1 tsp Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

From the Grocer
1 pkg red velvet cake mix
(and ingredients listed on pkg)
1 pkg vanilla cake mix
(and ingredients listed on pkg)
½ gallon vanilla ice cream
2 cups fresh strawberries, chopped
(plus additional for garnish)
½ stick butter, softened
4 oz whipped cream cheese
1½-2 cups powdered sugar
1 pkg fresh blackberries (garnish)


ALLOW ice cream to soften at room temperature.
MAKE red velvet cake and vanilla cake mixes per packaging instructions (splitting each box between two 9” round cake pans; yielding 4 total cake layers). Allow to cool. Wrap layers in wax paper and freeze for at least 1 hr.
MEANWHILE, place ice cream in a large mixing bowl. Fold in strawberries, Raspberry Sugar, and Baker’s Secret Spice Blend. Return ice cream mixture to the freezer for 3 hrs.
ADD butter, cream cheese, and Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract to a mixing bowl. Beat until blended. Slowly add powdered sugar until the icing has a creamy consistency. Refrigerate until needed.
THAW ice cream mixture until spreadable. Remove cakes from freezer. If necessary, use a bread knife to trim cake tops to create flat layers. Begin with one red velvet layer. Spread 1½-inch layer ice cream on top. Add white cake layer. Using a knife, smooth edges of cake. Return all to freezer for 30 mins. Remove all items from freezer. Thaw ice cream and add 1½-inch layer to cake. Top with remaining red velvet layer and smooth edges. Freeze 30 mins or until layers are set.
REMOVE cake from freezer. Frost the top with cream cheese icing. Freeze for several hours or overnight. Garnish with strawberries and blackberries. Thaw approx. 10 mins before serving.
*Recipe creates an additional vanilla cake layer that is not needed. 

Yield: 1 cake
Total Time: ≈8 hrs
Prep: 45 mins
Cook: Varies