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  1. Honey Jars
    Honey Jars
    As low as $9.99
  2. Honey Straws
    Honey Straws
    As low as $6.99
  3. Chai Sugar
    Chai Sugar
    As low as $5.29
  4. Salted Caramel Monk Fruit Sweetener
    Salted Caramel Monk Fruit Sweetener
    As low as $5.19
  5. Espresso Steak Rub
    Espresso Steak Rub
    As low as $5.49
  6. Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar
    Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar
    As low as $5.19
  7. Bacon Smoked Sea Salt
    Bacon Smoked Sea Salt
    As low as $5.29
  8. Bloody Mary Spice Blend
    Bloody Mary Spice Blend
    As low as $5.49
Pair a savory galette with elegant hibiscus mimosas for the perfect brunch menu! Enjoy these recipes and other brunch favorites this Sunday!