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It’s my business: At Spice and Tea Exchange, customers make interesting brew

04/11/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
Business: The Spice and Tea Exchange of Guilford

03/29/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®

03/16/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®

NOW HIRING: Digital Marketing Coordinator

02/02/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®

Franchise Sector Expected to Outpace U.S. Economy-Wide Job Creation in 2018, According to New IFA Economic Outlook Survey

02/02/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
Franchise Sector Expected to Outpace U.S. Economy-Wide Job Creation in 2018, According to New IFA Economic Outlook Survey Tax reform and regulatory relief lead to optimism and confidence among franchise businesses Washington, D.C. (January 29, 2018) –...

The Spice & Tea Exchange serves up special events

01/12/2018 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
When local entrepreneur Terry Bell decided to open The Spice & Tea Exchange of Duck, she knew she wanted it to be more than a place to buy quality products:

10 Tips for Keeping Your Tourist Business Busy in the Offseason

10/13/2017 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
Running a business in a popular tourist destination can help you get lots of foot traffic and op...

How One Woman Went From Homeless Teen To CEO

10/11/2017 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
At 16 years old, Amy Freeman, CEO of the Spice and Tea exchange, was completely on her own. She’d moved away from a bad situation at home and dropped out of school. For a while she was homeless.

28 Easy Habits These High Achievers Practice Every Day

10/09/2017 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
The most successful people don't get to the top behaving like everyone else.

How to crack the tourist trap code

10/05/2017 The Spice & Tea Exchange®
Tourist towns are an entirely different offshoot of the non-traditional real estate game, and choosing the right location is like prospecting for oil—time-consuming during front-end research, costly and disappointing if you make a mistake, but a...

Specialty Retail Franchise Opens 50th Store Amidst Global Spice Craze

8/26/2016 Store News Fishman PR

St. Augustine, FL – As The Spice & Tea Exchange nears the opening of its 50th store, a progressive new leadership team is gearing up to drive the brand to even greater heights as consumer fascination with global spices is at an all-time high.

Siddiqui Family Opens Location In San Antonio Rivercenter

8/15/2016 Store News

The Spice & Tea Exchange® of San Antonio, Texas opened last Friday, August 12 in the Shops at Rivercenter! New owners Mohammed & Neelofer Siddiqui are excited for the new adventure in Rivercenter Mall, one of San Antonio's largest shopping districts. 

Welcome To The Family - Lancaster, PA

6/29/2016 Store News Sanderson PR News Team

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) ---It’s been said that food is a universal language that brings people together. If that is the case, Mike and Judy Gitomer will be enjoying lots of company at their new The Spice & Tea Exchange location.

Couple Opens Spice Shop in Anchorage, AK

6/27/2016 Store News Sanderson PR News Team

Welcome to the newest member of The Spice & Tea Exchange® family - Anchorage, AK! The Spice & Tea Exchange® of Anchorage opened last Friday, June 24 in The Shops on O'Malley Center Drive.

Portland Shop to Donate 100 Percent Sales to Orlando Victims

6/17/2016 Store News

As our nation mourns the loss of 49 victims in the Orlando, FL Pulse nightclub shooting, The Spice & Tea Exchange® of Portland, OR is taking action to benefit the families of the victims and survivors through a 100 percent giveback event in store.

The Spice & Tea Exchange® of Portland will open its doors Sunday, June 19, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the intent to donate 100 percent of sales to the Pulse GoFundMe Fundraiser hosted by Equality Florida

Bozeman, MT Welcomes The Spice & Tea Exchange®

6/15/2016 Store News Sanderson PR News Team

(Bozeman, Montana)---Joel and Karen Marshall embarked on a “journey of faith” in 2015, not knowing exactly where it might take them. They were searching for both new careers and a new place to call home. Karen Marshall described the quest succinctly: “Our story is one that is not unique by any means, but it is ours.”

Spice & Tea Shop Celebrates Grand Opening in Destin, FL

5/18/2016 Store News

Destin, FL. – Residents and visitors are invited to “Come In and Smell the Spices®” at Destin’s newest retail experience! The Spice & Tea Exchange® will be celebrating its official Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting in the Destin Commons this coming week.

Rehoboth Beach - A Happy Place

5/13/2016 Store News

"Rehoboth has it all: the beach, gourmet food, diversity, a laid-back vibe and a small-town feel." - Demarva Now

In a recent Delmarva Now news article, Daniel Slagle of The Spice & Tea Exchange® of Rehoboth, spoke with Sharon Smith about the Rehoboth Beach and what makes it such a happy place.

Celebrate Mom 2016!

5/2/2016 Store News

Join The Spice & Tea Exchange® and celebrate mom with a FREE Gift of Tea Friday, May 6th - Sunday, May 8th , 2016. 

Local Couple Brings TSTE® To Palm Beach Gardens

10/22/2015 Store News Sanderson PR News Team

(Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) As the newest franchisees of The Spice & Tea Exchange®, locals John and Esperanza Gekas are about to open what they hope to be the first of several stores for this hot new chain. Their first location will debut in November at 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave. #7111, Palm Beach Gardens.

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