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Marrakesh Mint Mojito

Marrakesh Mint Mojito
Marrakesh Mint Mojito

Marrakesh Mint Tea adds crisp and refreshing flavor to a traditional mojito. While its invigorating flavor is ideal for summer parties, this lively minty citrus blend is a great go-to cocktail for everything.

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
7 TBS Marrakesh Mint Tea (contains caffeine)
3½ TBS Mango Habanero Sugar 

From the Grocer
1 bottle 750 ml white rum
4 TBS agave nectar
64 oz lemonade or limeade, prepared and sweetened
1 qt plain seltzer water
10-12 fresh mint sprigs
Fresh lemon or lime wedges for garnish


MIX Marrakesh Mint Tea leaves and rum in a large bowl at room temperature and let sit 20-30 mins. Taste liquid after 20 mins, to determine flavor. Depending on your preference, liquid may sit up to 10 mins longer for stronger mint tea flavor.
STRAIN liquid through a fine mesh strainer to remove tea leaves and sediment. Pour newly flavored rum back into original bottle.
CHILL bottle in refrigerator 1-2 hrs.
PLACE agave nectar in a small shallow dish. Pour Mango Habanero Sugar into a separate dish. Dip rim of glass in agave nectar, then dip and twist the rim into the sugar to coat.
CAREFULLY fill glasses with ice. Add 1-2 oz chilled infused rum, followed by enough lemon or limeade to fill just below the sugared rim.

Serving Suggestion:
TOP with a splash of seltzer, sprig of mint, and lemon or lime wedge garnish. 

Yield: 0-12 cocktails
Total Time: 30 mins
Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 0 mins