Lemon Verbena

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Lemon verbena originated in South America, but is now also cultivated in France, North Africa, and the western U.S. True to its name, it smells and tastes of lemon, but has an herbal overtone. Popularly used in herbal tisanes, the leaves can also be added to steamed fish, blended into sauces, or layered into casseroles. It can also substituted for lemon zest in recipes.

Spice Fun Fact: Lemon verbena contains a very strong lemony flavor, making it ideal for potpourris, sachets, teas, and other sweet beverages.
  • Recipes
    • Compound Butter - Sriracha Citrus

    • Infused Honey - Sweet BBQ

    • JalapeƱo Zahtar Dressing

    • Zahtar Chickpea Salad

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