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Infused Honey - Sweet BBQ

Infused Honey - Sweet BBQ
Infused Honey - Sweet BBQ

Create sweet temptations by infusing a jar of honey with your favorite spices, herbs, or flowers. This luscious honey adds a gourmet touch to beverages, ice cream, toast, and more!

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2 tsp Carolina BBQ Rub Spice Blend
1 tsp Lemon Verbena
1 tsp Lemon Sugar
7 oz honey


ADD all the ingredients except the honey into the bottom of an 8 oz jar.
FILL the jar almost to the top with honey. Using a chopstick, stir contents until the ingredients are coated with honey. Fill jar to the top with honey.
WIPE the jar rim clean, cover tightly, and make sure to date and label the jar.
INFUSE for a minimum of four hours and up to five days based on personal taste preference. At least once a day, turn the jar over a few times to keep the contents coated in honey.
STRAIN if desired and serve! Store honey at room temperature.
*Infused honeys add unique flavor notes when mixed into tea or coffee and are delicious drizzled on homemade granola, cereal, ice cream, and buttered toast.

Yield: 1 infused honey
Total Time: Varies
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 0 mins

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