Harissa Roasted Chicken & Chickpeas Recipe

Harissa Roasted Chicken & Chickpeas
Harissa Roasted Chicken & Chickpeas Recipe

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Harissa, a staple in North African cuisine, adds fiery-hot flavor to this roasted chicken and chickpea dish. TSTE® Harissa Seasoning is made into a marinade and then roasted with chicken, carrots, onions, and chickpeas for a spicy medley of African flavors.

North African cuisine is largely influenced by the cultures that once occupied or ruled the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea. Berbers, Persians, Romans, Arabs and even French occupants brought different influences to North African cultures. Much like other Mediterranean-bordering countries, fruits, vegetables and grains are a large part of the local diet. Our Harissa Roasted Chicken & Chickpeas recipe features robust spices that would have been introduced to North Africa by traders from the east- and chickpeas which are native to the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions of the world.