Product Quality

As a franchise, we take the worry out of retail as we provide you with proprietary products, branded with our private label and your store location, that can't be found anywhere else.

  • The Spice & Tea Exchange® Operations Center is dedicated to providing high-quality products to our franchise owners with quality, freshness, and sustainability in mind.
  • Grade A spices, chosen based on freshness, aroma, volatility of oils, color and consistency.
  • Loose leaf teas (never ground) to ensure the maximum amount of flavor in each cup.
  • Sugars naturally-flavored with essential oils and natural fruit/spice extracts.
  • Rigorous testing to ensure allergen safety and awareness
  • Organic and Fair Trade sourcing when possible
  • Organic and Kosher operations certifications

Product Selection

We work directly with hundreds of vendors and distributors on your behalf, constantly developing new categories and channels of products to help you grow your business. Recently we launched our "Tea Bar," where stores now sell all teas to-go, hot or cold!

  • Fine spices, herbs, florals, seeds, powders, whole spices, and peppercorns
  • Custom blends, seasonings, and rubs

  • Loose-leaf teas
  • Sea and mineral salts
  • Naturally-flavored sugars
  • Rices and grain mixes
  • Gourmet gifts and accessories


As a spice and tea retailer, we have the pleasure of being in two distinct industries at once as demand is growing for high-quality, fresh ingredients and unique beverage alternatives. Driving the current purchasing trends are conversations regarding health and wellness, natural foods, transparency and variety. From raw spices to our extensive tea line, all products are sourced with fair trade, sustainability, and quality in mind.

Customer Blend

The Spice & Tea Exchange® customers range from 25-65, with our primary audience having significant influence on household purchases. The Tea Industry is predicted to reach 40B by 2020, and 87% of millennials drink tea, and therefore this customer segment continues to grow as our locations offer Tea Bar Service and a wide selection of loose-leaf teas.

Ownership Diversity

The Spice & Tea Exchange® franchisees are a diverse blend of veterans, retirees, young entrepreneurs, business partners and family units with a common love for food and passion for a fun customer experience! "Family" is a meaningful word to us, as siblings, children, family members, and friends have been known to open their OWN shop based on prior family ownership experiences! In addition, many new franchisees began their journey with us as a customer — you will hear many of these stories as you complete your due diligence by speaking to our current owners.

Engaging Experience

The Spice & Tea Exchange® stores are made to experience! Guests are encouraged to "open the jars and smell" while exploring the savory selections with their senses. Samples are typically offered daily. Many locations boast a fully-stocked Tea Bar with over 45 teas to choose from, so that guests can sip and shop for their favorite items, or get a cup to go!


Ecommerce Perks

The Spice & Tea Exchange® invests in our digital ecommerce space to ensure we remain in the forefront of our industry. As our retail guests shop online, and identify with their preferred "home store," we offer a quarterly bonus of 20% of "home store" retail sales back to our franchise owners. This is the "best of best of class" in the world of franchising.

Store Support

We believe that investing time in our franchisees is KEY to a successful franchise system. From start to finish, our experienced training staff is working with you from store development throughout your franchise lifetime.

No culinary experience necessary! As a part of our franchise system, you will have access to professional and experienced field consultants, in-house and on-site operations training, virtual training, and education libraries to assist you on your franchising journey.

New franchise candidates are offered virtual, in-house, and on-site training throughout the franchise development process. 

Step 1: Discovery Day

Potential franchise owners are welcomed to St. Augustine, Florida for a tour of our headquarters and first-hand discussions with our leadership team. Learn from our staff and founding members what it means to become a "Spice Master."

Class Session - Blending with Theresa P.

Step 2: Spice UniversiTEA

Once you’ve decided to franchise with us, we welcome you to Spice UniversiTEA— a full week of extensive training at our headquarters in St. Augustine, Florida. There you’ll learn more about store operations, product sourcing, marketing, merchandising, and POS management to get you kickstarted and ready for your establishment training!


We'd be honored to see you place a commemorative pin on our The Spice & Tea Exchange® family map!

Heather & Mark Gardner - Pittsburg, PA

Step 3: On-Site Training

Prior to your opening, our staff will be on-site with you for two weeks of hands-on training, blending, merchandising, and much more. From unpacking the establishment package, to product sampling, role-playing, and customer service training with your staff – we’re in it with you until your doors open!

Bill Oakley - Bentonville, AR