The Spice & Tea Exchange opens downtown this week

Siouxfalls.Business - June 2019

"I just remember walking in that store and saying, ‘I want to do this.’ " Tami Brown | Sioux Falls, SD

Couple adds spice to cooking

Houston Chronicle - April 2019

"It’s really a great way to expand your culinary knowledge..." Jocelyn Schneider | Katy, TX

 "I decided if I’m going to work that hard, I’d rather work for myself." Joel Meek | Escondido, CA

Tea for Two

Vail Valley Magazine - Winter 2019

​​"We already knew the best and the worst of each other going works really well to be able to play off each other in our business relationship." Sarah Chartier & Kristin Ruehlen | Fort Collins, CO

"It’s important to continually add various metrics to assist our franchisees with monitoring the health of their businesses" Martin Amschler | EVP Franchise Development & Operations

Over the last decade, The Spice & Tea Exchange has inspired countless foodies and tea drinkers of all ages across the country..." Amy Freeman | CEO

  • The Spice & Tea Exchange Flourishes: "By capitalizing on the increased demand for new flavors and healthier caffeine options, The Spice & Tea Exchange is rapidly expanding throughout the nation." Amy Freeman | CEO

Valor Knows No Gender

Lake & Sumter Style - April 2018

​​"Apparently, she likes things spicy in every area of her life as she chose to work with nuclear,
biological, and chemical warfare." 

How to crack the tourist trap code

Franchise Times - September 2017

​​October Franchise times: "During those off-seasons is really where we try to expand outside of those four walls to the local communities." Penny Rehling | COO

​​ "I just felt really comfortable, like this is where I belonged." Megan Scott | Duck, NC