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English Crown Roast

English Crown Roast
English Crown Roast

Impress guests with the fanciest of royal roasts, made foolproof with TSTE® English Roast Rub! Its rosemary, celery, and fresh pepper regally season this tender lamb dish, while TSTE® Black Truffle Sea Salt embraces lamb’s subtle musk. Center the ‘crown’ with TSTE® Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes!

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From TSTE®
¼ cup TSTE® English Roast Rub
½ tsp TSTE® Black Truffle Sea Salt, plus more for table
3 TBS TSTE® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the Grocer
2 (1½-2lb) racks of lamb, frenched (6-8 ribs each)
Butcher’s twine
Fresh rosemary for garnish


LAY racks of lamb on cutting board, fat side down. Cut a full-length slit between each rib, parallel to the bone, about half as deep as the meat. (This is to allow you to bend the racks to form the ‘crown.’)
RUB TSTE® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil over all parts. Season liberally with TSTE® English Roast Rub, covering all meat, bones and fat. Stand racks up and bend them, fat side in, to form ‘crown.’ Tie ‘end ribs’ of one rack to ‘end ribs’ of other rack with butcher’s twine at top and bottom (Bottom tie will need to go through meat).
PLACE in roasting pan with rack, sprinkle remaining TSTE® English Roast Rub on top and let sit 30 mins. Roast at 375°F for 30-40 mins until internal temperature reaches 130°F. Meat will be medium rare.
SPRINKLE with TSTE® Black Truffle Sea Salt and tent with tinfoil for 10 mins before serving.
MAKE gravy from drippings if desired. Weave fresh rosemary between ribs for ‘crown’ garnish.

Yield: 2 racks of lamb
Total Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Prep: 50 mins
Cook: 40 hrs