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Earl Grey Crème Buttered Rum

Earl Grey Crème Buttered Rum
Earl Grey Crème Buttered Rum

This creamy buttered rum is perfect for sharing on a cool winter evening. In a few easy steps take this classic and turn it into a decadent tea-inspired treat!

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From TSTE®
2 TBS TSTE® Baker’s Spice Blend
¼ tsp TSTE® Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract
¼ tsp TSTE® Ginger Sugar
1 tsp TSTE® Vanilla Turbinado Sugar (extra for optional garnish)
1 TBS TSTE® Earl Grey Crème Tea
2 TSTE® Cinnamon Stick - Korintje (optional garnish)

From the Grocer
2½ TBS butter, softened
16 oz filtered water
2 oz dark rum (or to taste)


CREAM together butter and TSTE® Baker’s Spice Blend.
ADD TSTE® Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract, TSTE® Ginger Sugar, and TSTE® Vanilla Turbinado Sugar to butter mixture. Stir to make a paste.
STEEP TSTE® Earl Grey Crème Tea in 212°F water for 4-5 mins. Strain.
GET out your two favorite tea mugs and pour 1 cup of tea into each mug.
SCOOP 2 heaping TBS of butter mixture into each mug and stir.
ADD 1 oz of dark rum per mug.

Serving Suggestion:
Dip end of each cinnamon stick in Earl Grey Crème Buttered Rum. Roll wet ends in TSTE® Vanilla Turbinado Sugar until covered. Set on the rim of each mug.

Yield: 2 drinks
Total Time: 25 mins
Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 15 mins