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Our version of this iconic seasoning starts fiery but is tempered with honey, smoky paprika, and a mustardy tang that tingles your lips in a way that leaves you wanting one more bite.

Nashville Hot Chicken has exploded across the country. While most blends are over-the-top spicy, ours starts fiery but is tempered with honey, smokey paprika, and a mustardy tang that tingles your lips in a way that leaves you wanting one more bite. It has a heat that more and more are craving in our everyday meal planning.

Before cooking, use as a traditional rub or in a marinade for chicken, pork, salmon, or shrimp. Or season cauliflower generously before roasting in a hot oven and serve with a cooling blue cheese or ranch dip. It's just as delicious applied after cooking – mix with butter for a steak topper, season fries, and of course, as the iconic "Nashville Hot" sauce drizzled over fried chicken.

This bold but balanced seasoning will make your next kitchen adventure an exciting one.

According to folklore, this signature spicy dish originated in the 1930s in Nashville when a scorned lover attempted to punish her mate for his romatic misdeeds by cooking his favorite meal - fried chicken - with an incredible amount of spicy pepper. Her plan backfired when he enjoyed the dish so much that he created his own recipe and opened a restaurant. What started out as revenge has grown into an international food sensation! To create a typical "Nashville Hot" seasoning, the dry ingredients are mixed into a paste and used to season chicken or fish - either before or after frying - which is served over white bread with pickle chips. Although the components of the dish largely remain the same, preparation varies greatly; recipes and cooking methods are often closely guarded secrets. Reflecting the popularity of the dish, Nashville Hot is considered a staple for late-night diners in the United States and beyond.


cayenne pepper, honey (honey, sugar), kosher salt (salt, yellow prussiate of soda [anti-caking agent]) , apple cider vinegar powder (maltodextrin, apple cider vinegar, modified food starch), yellow mustard, paprika, black pepper, onion powder (onion, silicon dioxide [anti-caking agent]), and garlic powder (garlic, silicon dioxide [anti-caking agent]).

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