Cocoa - Dutched

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Dutched cocoa takes its name from Holland, the country of its origin. The Dutching process provides alkalization to reduce the cocoas natural acidity and bitterness. This results in a deeper brown color and a smoother, mellower flavor that is better suited for hot cocoas, coffees, or other warm beverages.

Spice Fun Fact: The ʺDutchʺ process was invented in the early 1800s by a Dutchman and involves alkalizing the cocoa, thus reducing some of the sourness and bitterness of cocoa powder.
  • Recipes
    • Berries & Cream Lamingtons

    • Cheeky Banana Smoothie & Bowl

    • Chocolate Beer Cake

    • Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

    • Mini Red Velvet Fudge Trifles

    • Peppermint Patty Latte

    • Peruvian Spiced Hot Chocolate

    • Spiced Cocoa Cabernet

    • Spiked Butterscotch Hot Cocoa

    • Sweethearts Chocolate Pasta

    • Triple Chocolate Smoothie

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