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Cinnamon Stick - Korintje

Cinnamon and cassia (a relative that is commonly mistaken for true cinnamon) are common spices consisting of dried, cured tree bark. Korintje cinnamon (a cassia) comes primarily from Indonesia and is known for its slightly sweet flavor. Our Korintje is notably fresh and the sticks are great for beverages; mulled wine, coffee, tea, cocoa, or ground for baking.

Spice Fun Fact: Known as supermarket cinnamon, it's the most familiar of the cinnamons. It is made from the rolled dried bark of an evergreen tree.




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    length of sticks
    given that cinnamon sticks are often used as stir sticks for hot beverages the most important criteria is probably the length, i'm looking for some that are 12.5cm/5in. Review by etienne / (Posted on 12/17/2017)
    • The Spice & Tea Exchange : Posted On 02/20/2018

      Thank you Etienne, we will certainly take this into consideration for future cinnamon production.


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