Cherry Cordial Tea Sampler

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When cherry cordials strike your fancy, but you just can't count the calories, enjoy this decedant blend. Creamy, sweet, & full of delightful chocolate flavor.

<p>When cherry cordials strike your fancy, but you just can&rsquo;t count the calories,&nbsp;enjoy this decadent blend! Creamy, sweet, and full of delightful chocolate flavor.</p>_x000D_ <p><strong>Includes:</strong><br />&bull; Sinfully Cherry Tea (1 oz)<br />&bull; Black Chocolate Tea (1 oz)<br />&bull; Dark Cocoa Sugar (1.5 oz)</p>_x000D_ <p><strong>Steeping Instructions:</strong><br />Steep 1 tsp Sinfully Cherry Tea +&nbsp;1 tsp Black Chocolate Tea&nbsp;in 8 oz water at 212&deg; for 3 minutes,&nbsp;add Dark Cocoa Sugar to taste.</p>

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