Homemade Mini Pizzas Recipe

Homemade Mini Pizzas Recipe
Homemade Mini Pizzas Recipe

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The school bell has rung and you are back at home, but you are starving! What’s the solution? Pizza biscuits of course! It’s no surprise that the average American consumes 6,000 slices of pizza deliciousness in a lifetime. Bake your own cheesy pizza bites in minutes! 

About the Chef:

Danielle Mcnerney

Danielle McNerney is a 15-year-old teen-chef and founder/CEO of SAVE the MOMS, whose mission to get teens in the kitchen, encourages youth to explore the culinary world, while helping save moms stress and time. Danielle's recipes are fun, easy, and offer step-by-step instructions and tips for teens to create - with little need for supervision!
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