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Drink Rimmers

Drink Rimmers
Drink Rimmers

Rimming a drink with flavored sugars and salts is as easy as 1, 2, 3...Add a gourmet touch to tea cocktails, margaritas, mocktails, and many more!

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Lime Frost Sea Salt - was pretty much 'born to rim' classic Margaritas. A tangy hint of lime in a crunchy coarse salt stylishly smooths tequila's bite.

Chipotle Smoked Sea Salt - This is perfect if Ancho, Chipotles, Poblanos, or any other smoky chili pepper is on your menu. The smoky-aromatic hint in the salt will turn that tart tequila concoction into a mellow, fruitier experience.

Coconut Sugar with Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt - Tropical or fruit flavored margaritas, like peach and mango, beg for this rim! 2 parts sweet to 1 part (or less) salt gives you a sweet tropical hit of coconut with a gentle note of smoke and salt.

Ghost Pepper Sea Salt and  Brazilian Petite Sea Salt- This rim brings fire to the fiesta! Grind 3 parts Brazilian Petite Sea Salt with 1 part Ghost Pepper Sea Salt for the ultimate hot & salty rim!

Habanero Sugar, Lemon Sugar & Raspberry Sugar - Who says rimmers have to be salty? Add tangy, spicy and/or fruity sweet to your rims with these flavorful sugars.


MIX desired salt(s) and sugar(s) on a saucer or plate for rimming. Ensure that the mixture covers an area larger in diameter than the rim of your glass.
MOISTEN rim of glass with a slice of lime.
RIM glass by turning moistened rim in salt/sugar mixture.

Yield: Various Rimmers
Total Time:
2 mins
2 mins
0 mins