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Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail

Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail
Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail

Escape to paradise with the cool, smooth flavors of this Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail. With a delightfully sweet finish, this exotic drink is the ideal beverage for sipping poolside while you soak up rays of sun.

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From TSTE®
4 tsp TSTE® Coconut Oolong Tea
4 tsp TSTE® Coconut Sugar (optional garnish)

From the Grocer
32 oz filtered water
4 oz white rum
4 oz blue Curacao
Orange slices (optional garnish)


HEAT filtered water to 175°F. Steep TSTE® Coconut Oolong Tea for 3 mins. Strain and set aside until cooled.
ADD brewed tea, white rum, and blue Curacao in a (large) shaker. Shake until fully mixed.

Serving Suggestion:
SERVE in four martini or hurricane glasses. Garnish each drink with a slice of orange covered in TSTE® Coconut Sugar. Add ice, if desired, and then fill with prepared drink.

Yield: 4 drinks
Total Time: 10 mins
Prep: 7 mins
Cook: 3 mins