• Investing in a Turnkey Franchise: 6 Reasons It's a Smart Move

Investing in a Turnkey Franchise: 6 Reasons It's a Smart Move

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May 17, 2024 at 3:22:00 PM PDT May 17, 2024 at 3:22:00 PM PDTth, May 17, 2024 at 3:22:00 PM PDT

A turnkey franchise is when you have a complete package for opening your business. You might think most franchises are turnkey; however, some franchise models require more business development work from a franchisee than others.

The Spice & Tea Exchange model provides franchisees assistance with site selection and everything you need to furnish, stock, and operate the store in our package. All you have to do is hire your employees.

We can help with site selection that meets the criteria for demographic characteristics, traffic patterns, parking and proximity to other stores and other key criteria. A member of our franchise development team will join you on a site selection trip to review proposed sites at no additional charge, and offer guidance so the franchisee can make the final site decision.

This is your business, and being the decision-maker on the store location is an important part of that business ownership process.

Why Turnkey Franchise Opportunities are So Great

When compared with launching an independent business, a turnkey franchise is a smart move for several reasons:

1. Saving Time

To operate a business, you need foundational items such as bookkeeping and accounting software, brand standards, website development, administrative and employee policies, and other important procedures to ensure the business runs smoothly. This takes a significant amount of time to investigate and then create. The Spice & Tea Exchange includes the foundation of your entire operation as part of the business model.

2. Strong Suppliers

In a retail store, it would not be uncommon to have 50 or more suppliers. Choosing suppliers and negotiating rates, terms, returns and delivery schedules is a massive undertaking. The Spice & Tea Exchange has developed the entire supply chain process for franchisees so that 95% of products are accessed through a single supplier. That’s a lot less paperwork to manage and a stronger level of consistency for the business.

3. Open Sooner

The best turnkey franchises have a much faster opening plan than you could possibly create with an independent store. For example, with The Spice and Tea Exchange, you can be a business owner within two to six months of signing the franchise agreement. That’s a fast track to building the work life you want.

4. Saving Money

A franchise offers you a complete package. Every cost allocated in a franchise plan is based on the proven business model and operational plan; there are no wasted expenses. Being a savvy spender is important at every stage of your business, especially when you’re in the startup phase.

5. Less Stress

When you have a solid path to opening with suppliers in place, a business model to follow and a specific accounting of every expense, it alleviates a lot of anxiety. You don’t have to wonder if you’re making the right purchase or choosing the right supplier – that work is done for you. A franchise is a more convenient way of becoming a business owner, and when you work with a strong franchise team, it will be far less stressful.

6. Business Growth

While you may be a first-time business owner, a franchisor has done this many times. They are a resource for you not only in opening your franchise, but also if you decide to grow your business. Franchises are structured models of business, and because of that, they’re also the most flexible to duplicate. How big are your entrepreneurial dreams?

The Spice & Tea Exchange Turnkey Franchise

Your franchise investment with The Spice & Tea Exchange includes a tea bar and retail store that sells spices, herbs, teas, spice blends, rubs, olive oils and more as part of 675 products available to you. Our model results in franchise owners making an average of 70% gross profit margin.

Here’s what else you get: a supportive, well-trained and dedicated franchisor team. The Spice & Tea Exchange is a brand you can trust, because we are a results-based opportunity.

Talk with us about your business ownership ambitions and learn how we developed a franchise opportunity that might be the perfect fit.