Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Slippy in Your Life + Interview with Freaker USA

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Slippy in Your Life + Interview with Freaker USA
July 13, 2021 21 view(s)

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Slippy in Your Life + Interview with Freaker USA

Slippy-Fun   This goes to all our fellow tea-a-holics! Have you ever not been able to enjoy your iced tea because your hand was so cold from holding the cup? Have you ever burnt your hand on a hot tea cup? Do you want to limit the amount of waste you produce?  

Here’s the top 5 reasons you need a tea Slippy in your life:

  1. To protect your hands from hot or icy drinks
  2. To keep your hands dry while sippin’ your tea
  3. Slippys are so versatile - try on a wine bottle, mason jar, beer can, tea cup, and more!
  4. For a cute & functional sweatband for your wrist + they display your love for tea!
  5. To reduce waste (they’re reusable and machine-washable!)
  We sat down to interview Jeff of FreakerUSA to find out what all the “Slippy” buzz was about. Learn a little more about Slippys in this quick clip from Shark Tank, then join us for a Q&A session with Jeff.    

The Spice & Tea Exchange and Jeff of FreakerUSA

Q: Tell us a little about your background + what motivated you to start your business? A: Zach Crain started the company. He joined a knitting group that my wife was in. Someone in the group was trying to knit a beer coozie. He knit some and for a while was making them from sweaters in thrift shops. Q: What makes your business unique? A: Everything is made in North Carolina. It was just an idea that became an entire company/movement. The thing I enjoy about the company is we have fun and we have fun products with funny names. So, when we’re all talking business, it’s still fun. More-Tea-Slippy Q: Can you tell us a little bit about reusability, clean oceans, and sustainability? A: We’ve gotten into using recycled plastic yarn for sustainability and we’ve cut down on the waste and natural resources in the country. Q: Why did you pick the name Slippy? A. Simple -- it slips on real easily. Freaker (our company name) is also a play on words, where you freak something, you make it in your own! Q: Have you visited a The Spice & Tea Exchange store? If so, what’s your favorite tea so far? If not, what kind of tea are you dying to try? A: There are none near me (side note: we are opening more new stores every year across the country, find a store near you here), but I got some samples of the green tea which was excellent. I’d love to visit one of the stores, check out the menu, and try a few things! Q: What is your favorite Slippy you’ve made thus far? A: I like the one called moon walk a lot. It’s pretty well done and an awesome design. We make customs as well and love any with puns. Q: How do you advertise your business and products? A: We belong to ASI and CPAI, promotional product distributor organizations. So we have our custom products on their site. We also have various social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We also have a huge email database to email past and present customers about specials. We were also featured on Good Morning America a few years back. And Zack was featured on Shark Tank – it was legendary! There was also a documentary on Netflix called Capital C. Q: To what do you attribute your success? A: Hard work, keeping our production within the US, having a fun environment to work in, and trying to be positive, friendly, and happy! Q: What are your company’s goals/Where do you see Slippys headed in the future? A: Everybody needs to have a Slippy, our goal is to reach as many people as we can with the Slippy. Once everybody gets a Slippy, they’ll never go back to touching a cold can (or cup) again!

Learn More and Try a Tea Slippy

Learn more about FreakerUSA’s story and product here or grab your Tea Slippys now at! Tea-Slippys-NEW
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