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Spices and teas are among the oldest commodities traded throughout history. At The Spice & Tea Exchange, we feel very connected to the properties that spices provide for people who have a passion for health, wellness, tea, and especially cooking. That connection drives everything we do, and it starts with providing an in-house supply chain to our franchise owners.

What this means is that our franchise team is directly involved in the gourmet spice formulations that comprise our unique teas and blends of spices that are only available to our franchise owners and through our website. It also ensures a very personal connection with the spice manufacturing company and the quality of their operations.

We source over 95% of products for our franchisees.

What Happens at a Spice Manufacturing Company

Spice manufacturing companies are subject to many pieces of legislation that connect to quality control and best practices in the industry. As the American Spice Trade Association explains, spices are dried plant products that fall under agricultural guidelines and regulations. Some quality control measures in place for a spice manufacturing company include food safety, spice cleaning, contamination prevention, and microbial controls.

Working in the manufacturing element of this industry could mean being involved in the quality control process at the manufacturing facility or maintaining the equipment needed to grind, sift, and mill the spices. There is also the marketing element where new distributors are sought, and programs are established to create the spice products that become available to the public.

The Spice & Tea Exchange is one of those customers for a spice manufacturing company. While other franchises may purchase spices from a variety of distributors, we are the distributor for our franchisees. We work with over 75+ vendors and are directly involved with the manufacturing of spices to ensure the quality standards of the gourmet spices we choose to carry, which brings several benefits to our franchisees.

Exploring The Spice & Tea Exchange

Having an in-house supply chain team ensures we’re always meeting top standards in sourcing spices while providing additional advantages:

●      Direct sourcing: This allows us to access products at a lower cost, which provides increased profit margin opportunities for franchisees.

●      Bulk purchasing discounts: We use our leverage in the spice and tea industry to negotiate bulk purchase pricing and to have additional inventory when needed, minimizing out-of-stock inventory.

●      Quality control: Our standard supply chain process ensures consistent quality. A high-level quality product is appreciated by our loyal customer base and is linked to increased sales for franchisees.

●      Streamlined logistics: A more efficient delivery system allows franchisees flexibility in stocking inventory, which leads to more effective business operations.

●      Product innovation: Our team of specialists invests in research and development to introduce new spice and tea varieties exclusive to our brand. This allows franchisees to offer more unique, attention-capturing products to customers.

Owning a franchise with The Spice & Tea Exchange allows people who are passionate about the food and wellness industry to participate in it without many of the usual challenges and limitations that usually accompany this type of business opportunity. When evaluating spice business opportunities, we bring a lot to the table for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Franchising with The Spice & Tea Exchange

The in-house supply chain provided by The Spice & Tea Exchange is a unique franchise ownership feature. In most franchises, you’re not as directly connected to the product – the purchasing power of the franchise usually involves a third-party distributor, and that adds one more person to the supply chain process. As The Spice & Tea Exchange eliminates the need for that third party, there are efficiencies in a more direct product-to-consumer pathway.

Our system offers several franchise models to appeal to you as an owner. We also provide a wholesale program where you can connect with other culinary and food businesses by providing spices and teas for their establishments as well. These opportunities allow you to expand revenue streams in the business, while also generating significant impact throughout your community with fellow businesses.

This mix of a wholesale program, tea bar, and classic retail store makes for a business ownership experience that goes beyond being a storefront and a dedicated stopping place for customers; it becomes part of the fabric of the community.

Pursue Your Passion with Us!

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