Gluten Friendly Spice Blends and Seasonings

October 1, 2021 75 view(s)

Gluten Friendly Spice Blends and Seasonings

  Here at The Spice & Tea Exchange,® we are allergen-conscious and wellness-focused. For a variety of reasons, many members of our staff are gluten-free, while other allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences are found among our staff as well. We assume the diverse needs and preferences within our spicy little family likely shares similarities with our customer family. For these reasons, we strive to go above and beyond to accommodate guest requests and provide answers.  

Allergens & Handling

All locations at The Spice & Tea Exchange® participate in allergen training and are provided a comprehensive list of allergens identified within products, including a “Big 8” allergen product card that they are able to present to guests who are cautious about certain ingredients. The most recent copy of this can also be found on the nutrition page of our website. In addition, many locations will accommodate custom requests such as making a batch of a blend without a certain ingredient.  

Gluten Friendly

We want everyone to participate in “creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful life"– and don’t want anyone left out. As a result, we are taking strides to reduce the number of allergens used, thus reducing the risk of cross-contact in our stores and web department. Please note: while allergen control procedures are in place, we are unable to make claims that anything is “free” of a certain ingredient due to the minimal, but still existent risk of cross-contact. This month however, our stores and warehouse have taken the biggest step forward in this – the GLUTEN FRIENDLY INITIATIVE. Gluten-Friendly-Initiative We are excited to announce we are now more gluten friendly! This month, the formulation of SEVEN of our seasonings transitioned from being made with soy sauce powder to tamari powder. This also means many your favorite gift sets also no longer contain gluten! The following seasonings were reformulated with the NEW  Tamari Powder:   Enjoy the same rich flavor, without the gluten!  

What Is Tamari Powder?

  Tamari is a Japanese soy sauce made by fermenting soybeans. Compared to Chinese soy sauce, it is darker, less salty, and has a strong umami flavor. Versatile tamari can replace most soy sauces and is often used as a component of a dipping sauce or added to stir-fries. Our tamari power is certified organic and naturally gluten-free! Gluten-Friendly-Tamari-Powder-vs-Tamari-Sauce  

Flavor Tips for Embracing Gluten Friendly Life

  For a full-flavored, gluten friendly life, try the delicious seasonings above, plus these additional ideas:    

Tell Us Your Story & Flavor Tips!

  We hope these tips and new seasons will make gluten friendly life more flavorful! ? Why are you gluten free/friendly? How has it helped your life? What are your top gluten free flavor hacks/tips? Comment below to help others add more flavor to their gluten friendly life!
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