Garden Happy Hour

July 20, 2020 88 view(s)
Garden Happy Hour

Featuring Herb & Flower Infused Ice Cubes

    This summer, take a second to smell the flowers—both in your garden and in your drink! At The Spice & Tea Exchange® we love our teas, herbs, and sugars for drinking, seasoning, and flavoring. Our newest obsession is to use our products in infused ice cubes. Not only is this a fun and rewarding project, but it is a great way to add bold flavors and vibrant colors to teas, infused waters, and cocktails! Making these fun ice cubes is easy. Grab your favorite ice cube tray and simply fill each section of the tray with fresh herbs, dried flowers, sugars, and/or the fruit of your choice. Then fill the ice cube tray with boiling water, which will blanch the herbs and help them retain their natural color and flavor. Boiling water will also help the herbs’ or flowers’ colors bleed in a more effective way, adding deep hues to your ice cubes. After this process, just freeze, assemble your beverage, and enjoy! Along with our herbs and flowers, our exotic sugar blends offer another sweet and dainty way to elevate drinks. The Flower Power Sugar Gift Box is the perfect set of sugars to get started on this summer project and a key ingredient in many of the ice cube recipes below. Along with infusing the sugar in the ice cubes, our sugars are perfect for rimming glasses for mocktails or cocktails. We encourage you to play with flower and herb flavors and sugar blends to create your own cube combination for your favorite cold beverages. Have fun exploring liquors and cocktail recipes that complement our herbs, flowers, and sugars. You’re the mixologist, and we can’t wait to see what you create! Share it with us on Instagram @spiceandtea.  

Flower Power Sugar Gift Box

  Our hand-crafted sugars lend a sweet touch to ice cubes and rimmed cocktail glasses! SHOP NOW  


Hibiscus Flower Tea

Hibiscus’ color and essence make vibrant ice for teas, sangrias, and margaritas. Rim any of these beverages with our Hibiscus Sugar for a little extra pop of flavor. SHOP NOW  


Lavender Flower

Lavender’s flavor, aroma, and purple tint add Zen to a cold pitcher of herb-infused water or a gin gimlet. The herbal notes of gin and Lavender Lemon Sugar make lavender the star of the gimlet. SHOP NOW  


Chamomile Flower

  Ice cubes made with chamomile are a dainty and delicate way to garnish a variety of beverages. Drop these cubes and a dash of Florida Sunshine Sugar into your favorite rum drink for a perfectly paired cocktail. SHOP NOW  


Rose Petals

  Add a romantic red hue to champagne or rosé with sensual, rose-infused ice cubes. Try a pinch of our Rose Sugar to lend a little sparkle to these classic drinks. SHOP NOW              
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July 21, 2020
I can't wait to drink some roses & lavender!
Spice & Tea
May 7, 2021
We hope you enjoyed it - adds such a unique appearance to the drinks as well!