Flavor-Filled Breakfast Board Ideas

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Flavor-Filled Breakfast Board Ideas
What could be better than breakfast ALL DAY?! This list of breakfast board ideas & flavor hacks will take your breakfast board for ordinary to flavor-filled. Up your entertaining game with infused honeys, bacon rubs, and more! Breakfast-Board-Ideas

What Is a Breakfast Board?

Breakfast boards have been made popular by the charcuterie board trend. Charcuterie boards are made of cheese and meats and typically consumed mid-to-late day. Breakfast boards are composed of a variety of popular breakfast/brunch foods and accoutrements that are arranged beautifully on a platter, board, or serving tray. Breakfast boards can contain a wide range of items or can be themed around a specific breakfast category such as waffles, pancakes, etc. They range in size and simplicity from fancy and elaborate to small and easy. Also known as a brunch board, breakfast platter, pancake board and/or brunch or breakfast charcuterie board – breakfast boards are sure to be delicious and fun for entertaining, regardless of the name!

What You’ll Need

A breakfast board’s first essential is the platter, board, or serving tray. If you don’t have one and are in a rush to find something, some use wood cutting boards, baking sheets, or even a piece of parchment paper on the table is a simple (and disposable!) substitute. The next essentials are some small bowls and/or pinch bowls to hold smaller board items such as syrups, sugars, jams, dips, and more. The main food items will be based on the theme you choose for your board. In the case of the pictured board, we went with a variety of some of the most popular breakfast items (waffles, pancakes, bacon, fruit, and fruit dip) as opposed to a specific theme. Don’t forget to grab miscellaneous food ideas such as sides, toppings, dips, fruit, etc.

Breakfast Board Ideas to Add MAX Flavor!

Flavor-Filled-Breakfast-Board-Ideas Part of the great appeal of a breakfast board is the endless potential for different food and flavor pairings. Offering a variety of flavor options is key so guests can be as creative as they wish to tailor-make each bite. Not only will it impress guests, but it adds a uniqueness to the board that is unmatched. Here’s our most popular hacks for breakfast boards (choose whichever work best with your board ingredients!): DRIZZLE with Artisan Honeys Use on: fruit, yogurt, biscuits, pancakes Favorites: Himalayan Salted Honey, All Honey Jars (Find Your Fav Flavor!) SWEETEN with Monk Fruit or Flavored Sugars Use on: oatmeal, toast, fruit, baked goods Favorites: Chai Sugar, Salted Caramel Monk Fruit SEASON with Spice Blends and Sugars Use on: bacon, breakfast sausage Favorites: Maple Bourbon Jalapeño Seasoning, Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar SPRINKLE with Spice Blends and Salts Use on: eggs, hash browns, potatoes Favorites: Great on Everything Sampler, Bacon Smoked Sea Salt Serve with Tea or Cocktails Use for: cocktails, refreshing glass of tea Favorites: Bloody Mary Spice Blend, Best Selling Teas 9 Tin Gift Box Breakfast-Board-Fun

How to Build a Breakfast Board

Whether you’re a novice cook or a culinary expert, breakfast boards are easy to assemble  – the beauty of breakfast boards is that there are no rules! You can create, customize, and arrange them however you deem fit. Here are the basic steps to help start:
  1. Grab your base and dishes, and food items.
  2. Gather and prepare any toppings, dips, honeys/jams, or spreads and add to small bowls.
  3. Wash, cut, and prepare fruit. Add to the board.
  4. Cook or reheat and add hot items such as pancakes and/or waffles.
  5. Assemble! Place board first, then add any small bowls so they sit flat. Add large items (pancakes, waffles, bacon, etc.) and then fill in any remaining gaps with fruit and the smaller items.
  6. Finish with any accessories needed for serving (garnishes, spoons, honey dippers, etc.)
Grabbing-from-a-Fun-Breakfast-Board   Enjoy! What is your favorite breakfast board dish/food item? What makes your board special? Let us know in the comments below!
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