Fire Up the Grill & Let Dad Chill!

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Fire Up the Grill & Let Dad Chill!

Fire Up the Grill & Let Dad Chill!

A Father’s Day Salt Platter Cookout Fit for a King

      Father’s Day is a great time to take some heat off Dad and treat him to a perfectly curated cookout! Firing up the grill and cooking up a feast for Dad has never been more fun with our The Spice & Tea Exchange Himalayan Salt Platter. This salt platter is great for adding the perfect amount of salt and flavor to seafood, vegetables, fruits, and even ice cream. Our Himalayan salt platter adds a fun touch to backyard barbeques, and it makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift! Some myths about cooking with a salt platter are that it adds too much salt to food, that it is difficult to use, and that it is difficult to clean. Salt platters offer a wonderful alternative to table salts, and the truth is that usage and cleaning are easy if you heat the block up slowly (so it doesn’t crack) and only clean it with water and a brush. There are several benefits to salt block cooking. With over 85 vitamins and minerals in the block itself, this method of cooking is ideal for people with blood pressure concerns. Because it has less sodium than table salt, a salt platter won’t negatively affect blood pressure like other iodized salts will. The platter also has antibacterial properties that make cleaning super easy. Using a salt platter also helps cook food more evenly because of temperature distribution and high heats...up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit! The best ways to cook with a salt platter include grilling or cooking on gas or electric ranges. You can even use the platter on its own without heat for marinating, cold smoking meat, and flavoring ice cream or fruit. Below are some recipes for a complete Father’s Day salt platter cookout and our curated gift pairing guide to knock Dad’s socks off. Pair the Himalayan salt platter with one of our recipe kits, spices, or blends to prepare Dad’s favorite meats or vegetables, or select a book that has the A to Z of salt platter cooking. Mix and match any or all of these products for the ultimate grill master gift set!     Himalayan Salt Platter - Due to the fragile nature and weight of our Himalayan Salt Platters, these products are not sold online. Check your local The Spice & Tea Exchange ® location for availability!  

Essential Recipes for the Perfect Salt Platter Cook-Out

  Fruit on Salt Platter Preparing fruits on the platter creates a beautiful visual presentation while the salt enhances the flavor of fresh fruit. Use a variety of fruits and insert skewers or toothpicks for easy eating. GET SALT BLOCK COOKING BOOK FOR THIS RECIPE & MORE                       Black Pepper Honey Shrimp Black Pepper Honey Shrimp Grilling shrimp on a Himalayan Salt Platter adds a subtle salty note to the shellfish. Paired with our Granulated Honey, this dish is the ideal combination of sweet and salty! GET RECIPE                   Herb Sesame AsparagusHerbed Sesame Asparagus Prepared on a salt platter and accentuated by the herbal undertones of Cyprus White Sea Salt for garnish, this enticing dish appeals to every aspect of your palate! GET RECIPE                     Tea-licious Ice Cream Custom teas infuse delicate deliciousness into rich ice cream. Hand-mixing on an elegant Himalayan salt platter enhances the subtle flavors! GET RECIPE                  

Great Gifts for Dad

  main product photoSalt Block Cooking By: Mark Bitterman This book includes 70 recipes paired with beautiful high-resolution images for grilling, chilling, searing, and serving on your new Himalayan salt platter! Also learn the basics of using and caring for your platter. SHOP NOW                 Grilled Harissa Marinated Shrimp Recipe KitGrilled Harissa Marinated Shrimp Recipe Kit With only seven ingredients and takes under ten minutes, this shrimp recipe is marinated and grilled in African Harissa Seasoning. This is sure to be Dad’s new favorite recipe! Comes complete with a recipe card and seasoning kit. SHOP NOW                

Blends and Rubs to Spice Up Father’s Day!

  BBQ Favorites Shaker Gift BoxBBQ Favorites Shaker Gift Box An amazing gift for Dad, your favorite barbecue master! Includes three of our best all-purpose barbecue blends for sauces, meats, and cooking low-and-slow. SHOP NOW                   Sun & Sizzle Duo Gift BoxSizzle Duo Gift Box Let Dad experience the sun and sizzle of these two grinder favorites: Sunshine Salt Blend and Pirate’s Blend! SHOP NOW                   main product photoBlackbeard’s Booty Gift Box Blackbeard's Booty treasure chest is full of heat and flavor to excite Dad’s taste buds! Includes Pirate’s Bite Mini Grinder, Bloody Mary Spice Blend, and Seafood Blackening Spice Blend. SHOP NOW               Salt-Free 3 Tin Gift Set A combination of our most popular and favorite salt-free blends! Treat Dad to a perfect set of spices that won’t over-salt food on your salt platter. SHOP NOW


Happy Father’s Day from The Spice & Tea Exchange®!

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