• All About Honey Types: Varietal Honey, Infused Honey, Whipped Honey

All About Honey Types: Varietal Honey, Infused Honey, Whipped Honey

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Let’s bee honest, there’s nothing quite like honey. The world of this nutritious, golden sweetener is as wide as it is delicious. But not all honey types are created equal. Read on to learn more about the diverse types and what makes each one unique.

Varietal Honey

Varietal honey is made from the nectar of a single type of flower, giving each varietal unique qualities and characteristics. There are more than 300 honey varietals in the United States alone. Properties such as color, flavor, texture, and aroma are determined by the plant variety.

As a general rule, light-hued honey is mild in flavor; whereas darker honey is stronger and bolder. And similar to wine, honey production is also affected by changes in climate. Even the same flower blooming in the same location may produce slightly different nectar from year to year, depending on temperature and rainfall.

In most cases, the aroma of varietal honey is more reminiscent of the flower’s scent than the flavor of the fruit the tree bears. Orange blossom, for example, is a well-known varietal produced by honeybees harvesting and converting the nectar found within blossoming orange tree flowers. While it commonly possesses a mild citrusy/floral aroma, it does not taste orange in flavor.

Infused Honey

Infused honey features additional ingredient(s) to expand beyond the flavor notes of pure varietal honey. From fruit and chile pepper, to bourbon and vanilla bean – the flavor and culinary possibilities are endless.

Whipped Honey

Sometimes referred to as creamed honey or spun honey, whipped honey has undergone a controlled form of crystallization. While the process and technique used may vary, the crystallized honey is whipped and cooled to create a creamy and smooth texture that is spreadable at room temperature. Delicious on toast, bagels, pastries, pancakes, cheese boards, and more.

Try Varietal Honey, Infused Honey, and Whipped Honey


Blackberry Blossom (straws), Orange Blossom (straws)

Whipped Honey:

Earl Grey Whipped (3oz jar) – Infused with Earl Grey Crème tea, this whipped honey is delicious on toast, bagels, pastries, pancakes, cheese boards, and more.

Elderberry Whipped (3 oz jar) - Infused with Elderberry Fortress herbal tea, with a deep garnet hue, enjoy this whipped honey gem in tea, on buttered toast, biscuits, baked goods, or straight from the jar.

Infused Honey:

Bourbon (12oz jar, straws) - Subtly smoky, earthy, and ideal for hot toddies or savory uses like grilled ribs and baked ham.

Árbol Chile (3oz jar) - The ultimate finishing condiment to drizzle on anything from pizza to ice cream.

Cranberry Apple Jam (3oz jar) - This unique & deliciously-infused cranberry apple jam honey is infused with Cranberry Apple Tart herbal tea and delicious on toast, bagels, pastries, pancakes, cheese boards, and more!

Himalayan Salted (3oz jar) - A perfect partnership of sweet and salty. Spoon over oatmeal, fresh fruit, cheeses, and more.

Lemon (straws) - Take it in tea, cocktails, or on the go; honey and lemon are beverage BFFs – pure liquid sunshine.

Vanilla Honey (12oz jar) - Infused with vanilla bean, this sweet honey is delicious on toast, bagels, pastries, pancakes, cheese boards, and more!

The Sweet Life

A crowd favorite at breakfast time, we love drizzling honey atop pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal, and more, but we can’t get enough the stunning addition it makes to cheese and charcuterie boards. Don’t forget to serve it with a cute and functional honey accessory like a Glass Honey Dipper or a Honeycomb Wood Honey Dipper.

Still, one of our favorite ways to enjoy honey is for sweetening freshly brewed, loose-leaf tea. Try a new tea + honey at your local tea bar, then bring home your favorite to work into your daily routine and reap the numerous health benefits of both tea and honey.

Do you love the unique flavor of honey, but crave something less sweet? There’s plenty of ways to enjoy it (we get it; you’re sweet enough ;-). Try Honey Truffle Sea Salt – it’s great on fried chicken, popcorn, and even buttered biscuits. Or kick back and relax with a cup of Honeybee Ginger Elixir Tea – whether soothing a sore throat or a long day, this herbal blend delivers.