Take Mom to The Med with a Mother’s Day Mezze

May 1, 2020 15 view(s)
Take Mom to The Med with a Mother’s Day Mezze

Take Mom to The Med

with a Mother’s Day Mezze

  Don’t have any ideas for how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? We’ve got you covered! Imagine turquoise blue water and a warm summer breeze blowing across your skin. Picture yourself indulging in beautiful plates of food: juicy olives, warm pita, hummus of all colors, and sipping cool cocktails on the edge of a scenic mountain. Are you on the Amalfi Coast yet? Now that you’re there, why not take Mom there too? This Mother’s Day, spoil Mom with a spread of gorgeous and inviting Mediterranean cuisine without the hassle. In the Med, the presentation of small plates of food accompanied with cocktails is referred to as a "mezze." Preparing a mezze for Mom has never been easier with our delectable Mediterranean inspired recipes and cocktails that are not only delicious but easy to prepare too! Transport Mom to the vacation she has been dreaming of without leaving your backyard. To pull off the perfect Mother’s Day mezze, try jazzing up your table with an elegant tablecloth, some stemmed glasses, and a few fragrant flowers and candles to set the mood. Next, be sure to tailor your menu to pair with the perfect cocktail that Mom will love (we have a few ideas on those pairings below). Finally, make sure it’s all about Mom and she knows it! A beautiful card or a "Happy Mother’s Day" banner will deliver the thoughtful message she deserves. Below are a few appetizers and cocktail pairings, and The Spice & Tea Exchange ® products to make this Mother’s Day mezze not only achievable but pretty and effortless. Cheers, Mom!     Mango Tango Mocktail & Herbed Citrus Marinated Olives       This cocktail and appetizer pairing is a wonderful blend of citrus and sweetness to add color and flavor to your mezze spread. Enjoy the olives on their own or on an indulgent cheese board. GET MOCKTAIL RECIPE                                     GET OLIVE RECIPE     Berry Bouquet Tea Sparkler & Tuscan Turkey Meatballs       Bring a little sparkle to Mother’s Day with this pairing! The pop and fizz of this cocktail accentuates the bright flavors of vegetables and ground turkey in these perfect bite-sized meatballs. GET COCKTAIL RECIPE                                         GET MEATBALL APPETIZER RECIPE     Lavender Lemonade & Zhatar Chickpea Salad         The refreshing taste of Lavender Flowers and vibrant citrus notes make this lemonade a luscious coupling with a salad featuring fresh and inviting Middle Eastern flavors. GET COCKTAIL RECIPE                                               GET SALAD RECIPE     Spiced Red Sangria & Bread Board with Ceramic Dipping Bowl       This sangria will perfectly pair with the eclectic flavors of a cheese board! Playing with flavors and ingredients is easy on our beautiful bread board. Side note: Bread Board and Ceramic Dipping Bowl make a great Mother’s Day Gift. GET COCKTAIL RECIPE                                                     Iced Watermelon Green Tea & Hummus Three Ways       This revitalizing, light, and refreshing tea pairs wonderfully with our fresh and bright hummus recipes. Use a smear of each hummus to add vibrance to your mezze spread! GET ICED TEA RECIPE                       GET HUMMUS RECIPE     Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail & Zhatar Yogurt Dip & Pita Triangle     Blue Voodoo Tea Cocktail has a sweet finish that will balance out the exotic spice blends in our decadent yogurt and pita combo. GET COCKTAIL RECIPE                                             GET ZHATAR DIP RECIPE   These pairings are sure to take your Mother’s Day mezze to the next level. Feel free to mix and match all of these recipes and cocktails to suit Mom’s flavor profiles and cravings. Though these recipes are easy to prepare, they don’t lack flavor or beautiful table aesthetic. Enjoy your mezze spread, and from our family at The Spice & Tea Exchange ® to yours, have a happy and healthy Mother’s Day!
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