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  1. Bourbon Chestnut Herbal Tea
    Bourbon Chestnut Herbal Tea
    As low as $7.19
  2. Backwoods Hickory Rub
    Backwoods Hickory Rub
    As low as $5.79
  3. Maple Bourbon Jalapeño Seasoning
    Maple Bourbon Jalapeño Seasoning
    As low as $5.79
  4. Ginger Teriyaki Seasoning
    Ginger Teriyaki Seasoning
    As low as $5.79
  5. Tzatziki Seasoning
    Tzatziki Seasoning
    As low as $5.79
  6. Tuscany Spice Blend
    Tuscany Spice Blend
    As low as $5.79
  7. Vik's Garlic Fix! Spice Blend
    Vik's Garlic Fix! Spice Blend
    As low as $5.79
  8. Black Truffle Garlic Seasoning
    Black Truffle Garlic Seasoning
    As low as $7.79
  9. Holy Guacamole! Seasoning
    Holy Guacamole! Seasoning
    As low as $5.79
  10. Organic Blueberry Black Tea
    Organic Blueberry Black Tea
    As low as $7.89
  11. Mango Tango Herbal Tea
    Mango Tango Herbal Tea
    As low as $8.99
  12. Warm Bread Pudding Black Tea
    Warm Bread Pudding Black Tea
    As low as $6.49
  13. Cinnamon Orange Black Tea
    Cinnamon Orange Black Tea
    As low as $5.89
  14. Earl Grey Crème Tea
    Earl Grey Crème Tea
    As low as $6.49
  15. Organic Emperor's Chai Tea
    Organic Emperor's Chai Tea
    As low as $6.49
  16. Mystic Dragon Tea
    Mystic Dragon Tea
    As low as $6.49

Here at The Spice & Tea Exchange, we specialize in hand-mixed spice seasonings, blends & rubs made with gourmet spices and herbs, salts and sugars as well as quality loose leaf tea. Select from these all-time best selling seasonings for every occasion and cuisine. And explore our incredible collection of gourmet teas and get your perfect cup. Organic and bulk tea options are also available. Each item makes the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!