Beer Powder

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A dehydrated (by spray-drying) form of beer, without the alcohol content. Use in smaller amounts to enhance flavor or in larger amounts to add a stronger beer note. Great in a seasoning or dry rub for grilled meats, in soups and dips, and in other novelty dishes. Try some on snacks as well as pretzels, peanuts, crackers, and more!

Spice Fun Fact: On October 17, 1814 in London, England, several beer vats ruptured releasing a ʺbeer waveʺ of over 323,000 imperial gallons onto the streets.
  • Recipes
    • Backwoods Beer Dip

    • Broccoli Beer Cheese Soup

    • Chocolate Beer Cake

    • Compound Butter - Mustard & Beer

    • Vik's Cheesy Garlic Biscuits

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