Aleppo Pepper Crushed

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Also known as a Halaby pepper, the Aleppo pepper is Mediterranean in origin. The flavor profile is sweet, fruity, and complex with hints of cumin. Aleppo peppers have a medium level of heat. Use Aleppo in almost anything, including: chicken, steak, chops, tuna, pasta, salad, vegetables, eggs, and even pizza.

Spice Fun Fact: Aleppo peppers are named after the north Syrian city of Aleppo positioned along the Silk Road (a city which is famous for its chiles and love of eating).
  • Recipes
    • Garlic Roasted Sausage and Vegetables

    • Indian Yellow Curry Pickled Carrots

    • Marinated Lamb & Sumac Cauliflower

    • Moroccan Green Pea Bruschetta

    • Smoked Pepper Pork Bake

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